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> The D.R Staff
post Feb 1 2005, 02:08 PM
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Walk On!

Group: Admin
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Currently Playing: Perfect Dark Zero - Project Gotham Racing 3
X-Box Live! Tag: R3V0LUT1ON

Welcome to Dark Revolutions, this thread contains a Post by each member of the Dark Revolutions Team. If you would like to contact the DR Staff you can do by using the following E-mail address, [email protected]

The Posts here contain some information about each of us in our own words, sharing our hobbies interests and interesting facts with each of you. Being one of the Boss’ around here mean’s I have to go first, so he goes.

User Name – R3V0LUT1ON
Real Name – It’s a secret
Date of Birth – 1.5.1979
Home – Nr Bridgend South Wales
Hobbies & Interests – Video Game’s, Computers, Movies, Music, Books, Sport, Travelling, this that, most things in general.

For those of you that don’t know or have failed to notice I, along with my Older Brother, am one of the Administrators of Dark Revolutions. We made this place in August 2004 via the InvisionFree Forum’s, in October of the same year we decided to cough up the cash and purchase a Domain Name and Web space with Invision Power Boards. Our goal was to provide people with a place to talk about Game’s and other interests where little or no rules apply. Although to some extent part of that Goal is/was impossible we do feel reasonably successful in what has, so far, been a short period of time.

I have been playing Video Games for almost as long as I can remember. My first memory of Games was via my Brother’s Atari 2600. Since that point I have played Games on the Spectrum, NES, Master System, Atari ST, SNES, Megadrive, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast and PC. Currently I am playing Games on my GC and X-Box.

Favourite Games of the moment include Phantasy Star Online Episodes I&II and Episode III on the GC, Star Wars – Knights Of The Old Republic on the X-Box, and Project Gotham Racing 2 and Halo 2 on the X-Box via Live! Favourite Games of all time include Super Mario Bro’s 3 on the NES, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye on the N64 and PSO on both the GC and DC.

Movie wise I spend a lot time in the Cinema and have weakness for buying DVD’s. I will watch anything regardless of how good or bad. In regards to music I will listen to almost anything. But I have serious soft spot for the Manic Street Preachers, Oasis and The Stone Roses. When it comes to Sport I love football and support Liverpool, probably due to my father being a Manchester United supporter. I like Tennis, Rugby, Motor racing will watch almost all sports except Golf and Cricket.

I also like to have a nose around this globe of ours. I have holidayed in most of the popular tourist spots in Europe and beyond and have a love of visiting the U.S. I have been to Orlando Florida Twice, Las Vegas twice and L.A. Now I am trying to think of the next place on the planet to take myself.

So thats what I enjoy and what I spend my time doing. This place takes up alot of my time and I find myself learning new things all the time, I am developing a serious love for designing things for the Web but still have lot to learn and a long way to go.

When I am not doing things I mentioned above, I do of course work full time. I worked in the Motor Trade with a local Frachise Dealer for what must be 6 years. I have in the last few years been given the chances to move up and onto different roles and have to admit that I do enjoy attending work every so often.

That’s about it for me. I’m sure there is more but I have either forgotten about or I don’t want to tell you about. So from me goodbye

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Special Forces
post Feb 1 2005, 02:41 PM
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Skinner Of Skinners

Group: Live! User
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From: USA and proud
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Currently Playing: Halo 2 & Forza
X-Box Live! Tag: VoiceC

User Name – Special Forces
Real Name – Joe
Date of Birth – N/A
Home – NJ, USA
Hobbies & Interests – Computer technology, sports including baseball, football, and Auto Racing, Skinning, Graphics, playing the drums, playing in my band, and web design.

I'll keep my bio short to keep you from falling asleep. :D

I found Dark Revolutions through R3V from Alienation Skins, my skin and graphic site. As I made skins for the site here R3V saw an interest in me and asked if I would like to be a Moderator for Dark Revolutions. I couldn't say no because I knew they were growing and need to help plus I love video games, so it was good combination.

As for my real life I am in High School (Grades 9-12) and working hard in all honors classes. School takes up most of my life and I have some time for here and Alienation Skins. I am on my school's track and field team and run the 100 meter and the long jump. I've played baseball and soccor (Football in Europe) but decided not to pursue it.

Basically another aspect of my life is my band. Three of my friends making four of us total, including me, play in an Emo/Punk band. We have all original songs written by our lead guitarist, while he leaves the drum beats and tabs to me. We have played two shows at my High School and plan to play more in the comming months. I designed our first demo's CD cover and we plan to record our 7 song demo in the comming week or two.

Also since most of you know I love playing Video Games, both console and PC. I have been playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live! lately with some of the guys from here. I love playing video games to relieve some stress and to relax and play with friends.

Basically that's all for me. Other stuff I like to keep private.

Oh, and I lied, so much for being a short bio. :P

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post Feb 1 2005, 07:53 PM
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wats a dickshunairy?

Group: Moderator
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From: My bedroom
Member No.: 13
Gender: Male
Currently Playing: Anything and everything

User Name – Gibdo
Real Name – Jeremy
Date of Birth – 2/5/88
Home – Lincolnshire, UK
Hobbies & Interests - Games, writing on occasions, constantly thinking up my own games and living life, tis just a hobby.

Well... before I get started I'm not orginally from Lincolnshire I just live here now. I orginally came from this place called High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire (which is in the South near London and an utter dump!)

Anyway, what to say... I guess I shall start off with why I'm here in the first place. I came here after Star mentioned that DarkHeart here needed some help on a new forum - I was kinda bored so I thought I may as well! Turned out that it was rather brill to say the least and I started bringing a few mates in on the fun.

I guess considering games is the highlight of my life I shall dwell on this next. My favourite game of all time just has to be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Basically because I think it has everything! A story line that never seems to end within the series and some great action and puzzle combinations. Closely followed by that is of course Pokémon! The main reason why I like this game is because I think it's genius! It opens a whole new world to me and my imagination (hence my obession to create more and more!) and you can take the game any way that you want, with so many different ways of playing it and it's great with friends!

Anyway, enough about that. Let's move onto my current real life *snore*. I'm currently in year 12 at college. I did go to 6th form at my old school for about 2 weeks but I didn't like it so I decided to take a risk and go into the world of college which is a lot better (and I highly recommend it) I study: Physics, ICT and history (currently the rise and fall of the British Empire) ^_^ I currently live in this lovely (but desolate) village in NE Lincs but it's kinda boring because I live in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do other than games or the internet (that's why I'm online so much if ya knew me :P)

I live with my Mum, step Dad, little sister (5) and my little bro (3). I have a cuuuute little dog called Peggy and I love her to bits ^_^ and my big sister has just had a baby girl so I am now officailly and uncle XD she's called Sadia Iris (Iris after my Grandma).

Onto music, I haven't been into music that much until recently (I think this is the time where you find what you really like). My fave band is Queen, I think they're great and I wish I was around to see them live :( I also am a fan of The Bee Gees I am not ashamed to admit :P I think they're really good, too. Not just with their dance stuff, but also their more mellow, calming songs and when you look at the lyrics and hear the songs you just wanna sing! I also like stuff like GnR, Franz Ferdinand, Def Leppard, Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Iron Maiden, and much more - basically anything other than most rap (except Eminem, he's good).

I did say I liked writing, didn't I? :P

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post Feb 1 2005, 09:14 PM
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Group: Live! User
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From: Work : (
Member No.: 24
Gender: Male
Currently Playing: World of Warcraft & Forza
X-Box Live! Tag: PEB

Bleh! Far too much info. Mine will be nice and short...i think :D

User Name - PEB
Real Name - Paul
Date Of Birth - 31/08/1982
Home - Caerphilly, Wales.
Hobbies and Interests - Gaming (Duh!!), Reading and watching films/DVD's (sorry no Sports i'm a Couch Potato)

Ok...a bit of background - Originally i was born in England at a little town called Daventry (Midlands), parents moved up to Wales when I was 8 and have lived here ever since. When i first came here i was very interested in Rugby and played for both my School and my District Teams (Lol i was quite a good Prop, they had me scrumming against adults rather than hurt the other kids) but due to an accident with my brother i dropped out and never picked it back up.

I went through School as a bookworm and went onto to do a National Diploma in Animal Care. Although I liked working with Animals and would have been very interested in continuing my Education to a higher (and more profitable) level neither myself nor my family had the funds available to be able to support me so basically that dream got popped.

After that i basically got in the Rat Race and got a job with the Government which i'm still currently in (God how i wish i was doing something else!!!).

Thats pretty much all the relavant or even interesting stuff thats happened to me over the last 22 years. Enjoy :D

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post Feb 3 2005, 04:11 AM
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I'm a bad man & I'll secretly edit your your posts

Group: Moderator
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From: UK
Member No.: 23
Gender: Male
Currently Playing: Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion, Rainbow 6: Lockdown (X-Box), Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes (X-Box), Halo 2 (X-Box), Project Gotham 3 (360), Call of Duty 2 (360)
X-Box Live! Tag: arobba
PS2 Online Tag: Casual Gamer

User Name – Arobba
Real Name – Rob
Age - 34
Home – Nr Loch Lomond, West Scotland
Hobbies & Interests – Video Game’s, Computers, Movies, Music, Books, Sport Rugby/football/boxing), carpentry, gardening, wildlife

Well, what to say.....

Born in Wiltshire as an Army brat & spent the next 10 years moving around every couple of years incuding spells in London/Germany/USA.

Did well at school, took my O levels a year early & spent my teen years in a little country village in Warwickshire (v. boring). Left home as soon as i was able and 17 years old found me having finished my 'A' levels whilst working on a farm & also as a vet's assistant & having my own flat

Joined the Royal Navy when I was 18 & spent 7 years travelling everywhere there was to travel courtesy of the tax payer. Had a great time & I was based in Plymouth/Portsmouth/Rosyth/Faslane, spent 6 months in fort lauderdale & got a few medals here & there for the war stuff. Kept on buying consoles & playing games & also did two degree courses via distance learning (British history & Oceanography).

Met the missus & settled down in a little town called Helensburgh on the West coast of Scotland which is where I still reside. Have a daughter called Courtney Tanis (she was the only 'Courtney' at the time but now there's hundreds of the buggers) who is now 13.

currently work in the civil service and this is my seventh year - got promoted quickly & consistently until a couple of years ago when an 'advancement' ban for everyone in my grade was announced. Still stuck in the same grade with little chance of advancing any higher within the next 5 years which is mightily frustrating

Still play video games, support Arsenal, love wildlife. I go to the gym 4 times a week but my rugby/football playing days are behind me due to a knee injury 5 years ago. I read a lot & it's fantasy that is my favourite genre by far: although I will try pretty much everything/anything. Varied taste in musice but I definitely lean towards the heavier side of the music market

I teach boxing & basic computing to disadvantaged kids each week & contribute to charities (10% of my wages) because I believe that everyone should do their bit if they are able - I do make a point of supporting British charities though

'bout it i guess

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post Feb 3 2005, 09:24 AM
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The resistance will have 200 billion members in 2 weeks!!

Group: Moderator
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From: Catalonia (still in Spain)
Member No.: 12
Gender: Male
Currently Playing: a lot
X-Box Live! Tag: do I have one?

User Name - Xaviber 76
Real Name - Xavier
Age - 28
Home - Castelldefels (a town next to Barcelona) but born in Reus ;)
Hobbies & Interests - Gaming, Comics, Role-playing and many other ways of "sub-culture", reading, cinema, music... little of eveything lot nothing.

Born in Reus, but travelled a lot due to my father's work (as he was promoted, we moved) from Reus to Mora La Nova, Rubí, Tarragona, Lleida and finally Cestelldefels (Barcelona) where I still live and bought a flat recently.

Did pretty well in my school days, so I could go to study Architecture (should I say Architorure?), I started working while studying what caused me to take lots more time with the carreer (now finishing it).

After some jobs, I finally started working on my own making 3D images, animation, and other advertising stuff for architechts and real-state developers, because a chance came to me and it made compatible finish studies and pay the house. I started like that a year anda half ago, and it still goes on, what I guess are good news ;)

Got interested in PSO a year ago, what caused me to look for some web pages, what finally took me here... the rest is known to you.

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post Feb 3 2005, 07:10 PM
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Play More Games!

Group: Admin
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From: Wales
Member No.: 2
Gender: Male
X-Box Live! Tag: DARK REVO

User Name – DarkHeart
Real Name – Jason
Date of Birth – 12-04-1972
Home – Nr Bridgend South Wales
Hobbies & Interests – Video Game’s, Movies, Music, Books, Love my holidays,Spending time with wife and kid's.

Ah crap now what the hell do i say? I should stop having these idea's.

Born in Bridgend in South Wales but live in a small Valley about 10 miles from Bridgend. Younger years cant say i care that much for them. School i never liked that much really.....
That's why i am a Painter and Decorator now not doing something that earns me a lot more. But hey i love my job otherwise i would not be doing it. I work for a Firm that does high class decorating for the rich which is great because i get to see thing's that i will never own and work for some of the richest people in Wales.

To be honest my life is quite simple now thats all i seem to do is work and spend time with my family and of course play some games.
I have 2 children both boy's. One will be 6 this year and the other will be 3. They are the best thing's to happen to my life and my wife of course. All of them i would not be without.
Dont have much time for too many hobbies now but i used to do load's playing guitar, Glass engraving, Drawing and painting, Model making and so many other thing's i cant remember. Most things like this have gone due to the fact i have no time as i usally try and work 7 days a week if i can.
Currently i have only time to play games when i get chance and devote some time each night to this Forum. With my family as well to spend time with thats about it really.
Music i only listen to in the car and all day in work these days. I am a Rock man really but i will listen to anything thats is on and enjoy it.

I think we have only one life and should enjoy it everyday who knows what the future holds so live now!

I think that's me done for now.


I thought this thread would be a nice touch to add to this Forum. It gives you a bit of insight into the Admin and the Mods at Dark Revolutions.
We are trying to create a site that everyone will like and come to visit again and again we hope. We have completed our team here of Mods and are very happy with how the site is going in its short lifespan so far. Everyone of us works hard to try and keep this forum working everyday but without all of our Members none of this would be possible.

Ever since i first joined a forum and started posting i thought i would love to do this myself. But i knew that alone i would have been hard for month's i tried to get my Brother to say he would run one with me. He never thought i think we could make one work. But i knew we could if we put the work in.
Dark Revolutions is here and here to stay. Great thank's go to our Mod Team who without them this place would be nothing. They Do a fantastic job.
All our Members you are the real Stars of DR because without you there can be no DR to thank you all too.

Hope you all like this look at the DR Staff. And i was thinking if we should do a Member thread like it? Anyone who thinks it would be a good idea please PM me.
If enough do we can set one up for you all.

Ok post over my hands hurt. Thanks Everyone.
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