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> December News
Posted by Xaviber - 12-21-05 17:00 - 19 comments
Time has passed and now we're in december, not only to make this month's Newsletter, but also to look back at the year we are just about to close, and that has been so important for us.

First things first, as you all know a the Xbox 360 has been released and now we're already getting the taste of what is this new generation of machines, in less than a month in the EU market a lot of the members are now playing with Kameo, Perfect Dark, so it's time to check the Xbox Live! zone and arrange a game for this holidays times that are coming.

But if you want another kind of online gaming Nintendo has finally made the final step towards this territory with Mario Kart and Tony Hawks's games, and we have threads so you can post your friend number so other members can play together.

It seems that not all can be good, and the proof is that we have been hacked some days ago, but the site is back again and kicking, and now with a brand new version of Invision Power Board with some new tools.

There are a lot of new members that are joining recently so we give all of them the wellcome, and Shadow is giving all of us the hilarious "The Revolution Begins... Again" comic that shows the quest of... better read it yourself, if you haven't yet.

And of course Christmas is coming, and so is Santa, and that's why R3VOLUT10N and Akuma have worked hard to make a special Christmas Skin.

All the staff at Dark Revoltuions wish you a Merry Christmas time and all the best for the new 2006. Enjoy this days with all your beloved people, and leave some time for playing! (that why we all have holidays, isn't it?)

See you at Dark Revolutions

The DR Staff
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> 4 Days in DR
Posted by DarkHeart - 12-7-05 20:21 - 53 comments
Where do you start on this one huh?
Well lets try the start.

In the early hours of Saturday morning Dark Revolutions was hacked that about sums that up, members turned up here Sat morning to find the whole forum was gone!
53004 posts when i logged out Friday night to be exact, just one topic remained and that was from the hacker.
And thats all i want to say about him to be honest he wont ever be mentioned on this site again its what these people want and we will not give them the spotlight they want.
i even had the privalage to ban my own Brother has a bonus as it was his account hacked to clear the place.
Anyway we done our stuff and shut the site down for the day while we got to work on stopping this happening again.

So Sunday morning we decided to turn the the forum back on while we waited to hear from Invision to see what they could do to restore the site.
And as you can see they did which we are very greatfull for.
We got updated with a save which was a week old and lost over a 1000 posts and they were just from a few days without the week backup of the board all in all i think we lost about 2000 odd at a rough guess, also quite a few topics some of them have all been replaced now.
We knew that it was possible we would lose what we posted in the period we waited for the board restore but we wanted buisness as normal here.

In this time which was between Sunday and Tuesday afternoon we saw some really amazing things happen on DR.
First the support from all our members was amazing everyone here really got behind us and posted topics and generally had good time on the site showing that we would never be put down by these threats against our site.
So from all the Staff and Admin at DR we thank you all very much.

The Staff as well went on with buisness as normal and kept updating our empty forums, both me and my Bro thank you guys.

On Sunday this Forum hit 403 posts in a day which is a site record and shows how everyone came together at DR, but that was the start.
Monday was yet another day when the post count soared even higher reaching over 425 posts!
Then we have Tuesday when the site was restored about 3pm. Before that time the Forum had well over 100 posts, then from 3pm to midnight the Forum had 394.
So for yesterday the figure went well over 500 posts in one day!
A truly amazing amount i think everyone will agree.
We lost about 5 or 6 members as well after the retore hopefully these people will return to DR and enjoy what is a great Forum with great people in it.

This shows a lot about DR and its Staff and Members that whatever happens we wont get down and give up and will always come back fighting.

I will take this time to thank everyone who stood by us in this bad time and gave us the great support over these 4 days as they always have.
This is for Staff and Members from both my Brother and Myself.
We were very touched by everyones actions and gave us the great will to go on and not get down over these actions that happened here.

As for the Future of DR well at least we have learned the hard way everything is safe here and we wil always be here.
We have lost a few things from the Mod Zone we were working on so hang in there with us while we get back on these things.
Sadly the Christmas Skin went as well although it is safe on my Bro's pc and will be back shortly.
Also a little surprise Akuma was working on is also gone but i am sure he will get that back soon enough.

Now we are going to take this time to upgrade the Forum to a better version of the board and with some greater features that will both protect it and make the site better to use.
Hopefully this will be done this week or perhaps early next week.
This does mean that everything that is on the Forum such as Skins, buttons, banners the lot will now go down and we will be running on a default skin untill my Bro can upgrade every skin we have and reistall everything.
So there is a little warning about that happening.

Right my hands hurt this is a big post and i want to wind it up.

Thanks you all so mush for the last 4 days, but they are now part of DR History.
Its on with the future and that means a even better DR.
And with the Staff we have and you all the Members the future is going to be great.
2005 was a great year here, but 2006 is going to be even better.

The Revolution is now!

DarkHeart & Revolution.
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> We're Back!
Posted by R3V0LUT1ON - 12-6-05 15:34 - 108 comments
Ok folks, Dark Revolutions has been restored.

We have been restored from a Backup that is about a week old. So we have lost the odd post and also some member accounts and a few others things.

If you did have account and now you don't then please feel free to sign up once more. Sorry about the inconvience but it was kind of sudden thing and we had no time to prepare.

Also, we are changing. We are upgrading to 2.1 version of IPB. Don't be suprised to log in here and find only a Default Skin. It will hopefully be tempory but please bear with us. I shall be working my tail off to get us looking the same way again.

Thanks to everyone for their support over the last few days and Thanks to Invison for the unbeatable service they provide.

We are back.

When Darkness Falls, The Revolution Begins!
Read 910 times - last comment by Vyse   

> 50,000!!
Posted by R3V0LUT1ON - 11-8-05 10:42 - 37 comments
Well, Dark Revolutions has just broken the 50,000 post barrier.

To be honest I never expected the success that Dark Revolutions has seen in only a year and half or so. Its been hard work, we had good times and bad times and I have had learn quite a few new tricks.

But it has simply been worth it and I am glad that we decided to do it. Of course this would have not been possiable without certain people and I would like to take the time to thank them.

Xaviber, Orochi, Special Forces, PEB, Arobba, Gibdo and Akuma. You guys have been great to work alongside and I can't thank you enough for all that you have done here.

I'd also like to give the Bro a little mention. His dedication and work rate here is second to none and despite the odd difference/arguement between us it has been a joy. Nice work Bro.

But most of all I would like to thank every single member that Dark Revolutions has. Regardless of post counts, from 1000 to 1, I thank every single one of you for supporting us here at Dark Revolutions.

Thank You.

Read 411 times - last comment by DarkHeart   

> November is here!
Posted by Orochi - 11-1-05 08:39 - 21 comments
Well another month gone & the End of the year is beginning to creep upon Dark Revolutions.
For most this is almost a state of panic wondering what to get their loved ones for Christmas, for us Gamers however it means one thing, the release of the Xbox 360 is almost here.
But the Xbox 360 isn稚 the only thing new around here. If you take a look in the skin selector you値l see that R3VOLUT1ON has kindly added a new skin for you all Named simply 'Dark Revolutions'. This will become the new site default and is his best work to date so we hope you enjoy it.

While we are talking about new things you値l also Notice two new Forums added to the site. The First being World News, which will now be the home of world issues that matter to all our members.
The second is the all new Game Challenges which you値l find in the Tips & Challenges section. Here you値l be able to make and take on any gaming challenge you wish, anything from high scores to fastest completion times. Huge thanks to Strider for helping get this idea off the ground.

After taking some time off, Akuma Also makes a welcome return to the DR staff. Having sorted out his connection issues, he痴 back and making 組oodies for us all to enjoy. But more about that next month.
Continuing on this month, a number of members are celebrating their birthdays, so Happy birthdays go out to Fomar, Gio, Lucas, Cursemaster0, Ragnarok, Comfy Zone, Jade MC, TopWing and Finally our newest member, Strider.
Diamond SOD, is also celebrating hers as this newsletter goes out, so you can find out what makes her tick in the latest Member Spotlight

Finally the Site is creeping up on the magical 50,000 post mark, For a Site that is a little over a year old, this is a fantastic amount. So a Huge thanks to all our members who have contributed to this.

Thank you all, and let痴 make November another memorable month.

Dark Revolutions Staff
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> Halloween News
Posted by DarkHeart - 10-1-05 09:18 - 32 comments
Firstly from all the staff at Dark Revolutions we would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I know this is a bit early as it's not till the 31st of the month but here at DR we are celebrating all month.
I would like to tell all the members of the forum that they now will be able to select a new skin created by my brother for this event. He has gone to the touble to make you all a Halloween Skin for the site just for the novelty value. Everyone should check it out it's very good and quite amusing.

Also i have noticed that Nova's Birthday is on the 15th of October and also Mark Smith's is on the 17th, so I will take this time to wish them a very Happy Birthday from everyone at DR.

Also, for any interest it may be to some members that play Phantasy Star Online on the GC quite a few members are renewing their HL's and going to be hunting in Ragol all through the month of October, so if it's mag cells you are after come join us. We will be posting in the site when we are online.

We are also thinking about starting a Dark Revolutions Award system soon at the site, it's a little idea I am working on when I have the time and hopefully we will have more info on this very soon. It's hopefully another way to involve every member of DR in something that just gives DR that personal touch.
Details are little at the moment but when all the staff can get around the meeting table I am sure we can pull this off.

Some other news is that the Default Skin for the Forum has now been given a new banner that was designed and made by Mebbage for us.
He has done a really good job of it and we thank him for the great job he has done, I think every member should take a look.

While I am talking about skins for the forum I think you may all be pleased to know that Ancient Dragon is now in place and ready for you guys to drool over.
I am sure you all remember the thread where you all voted for the next skin you wanted.
Well Special Forces said he would convert it for us but just got too busy doing other things to finish it, so in the mean time my Brother has converted it for you with his new found converting skills.
And I am sure you will all agree it's well worth the wait. Thanks must go to Special Forces for letting us convert his skin for our board once again. And who knows how many more we may do in the future.

And there I have chance to more on to the future I will take this time to say this now. We are now ready to have a board upgrade which we are thinking about so be warned one day you may come here and find all our skins and graphics are down. This is going to be a very big job for my Bro as he will have to replace all the skins and some coding for the site.
So this may happen at short notice or none at all when he has time please give us time to get everything running smoothly again.
Also we are thinking about buying more Bandwidth for the site as well hopefully it wil make the site a lot faster in the evenings and such as it does slow down quite bad then. It all should make a better DR when its all done.

And finally some not so good news is that Akuma may have to step down from his role as Mod/Design here at DR due to other things that are just keeping him too busy right now. This may be just a temporary thing, we are not sure yet but he will be missed by us all, and hopefully be back very soon.

But to follow the bad news I have some good news to end this one, and it is a long one feels like my fingers are faling off.
We would like to tell everybody that due to staff members being busy right now and Akuma leaving we have decided to make Orochi a Mod here at DR.
I think everyone will agree that the amount of news and regular posts he has given DR over the last few months has been awesome, and we have noticed and thanked him for all he has done so this is our way of giving him what he derserves we think.
So welcome to Orochi who is our newest member of staff to keep the gret site DR has become running smoothly.

Thanks you all your support everyone.
See you all on the Forum.
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