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New Skin
Another new Skin has been added to the Forum. Entitled 'DarkTeched' and created by R3V0LUT1ON and Akuma v2.0 the skin is now the new default skin for our forum. Check it out now!



When Darkness Falls, The Revolution Begins.

Welcome to Dark Revolutions. Within our pages you can find all the lastest news from within the Gaming Community; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all have their own zone's within our fourm alongside our PC zone and our General Gaming Zone.
Joining up to the Dark Revolutions forum will also open up other zones for you, where you can find the latest World News, Music News, Sports News, Chat with our members or visit our Showcase section and display your latest piece of work; be it graphical, literal or even musical.

The Dark Revolutions community is quite simply unique with over 200 Members and 60,000 Posts. We are happy to discuss the latest news or chat about the latest craze. Many of us can also be found Online in the latest games across Muliple platforms, from PC to DS. X-Box Live! Users have a unique User Group that which opens up an extra section of the forum where games can be arranged with other members, just simply sign up and share your GamerTag with us.

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Opened: 01/08/2004
Posts: 65,000+
Topics: 4000+
Members: 220+
Number Of Skins: 13
Most User's Online: 63


B.O.T.B Winner
Dark Revolutions was recently crowned winner of the first ever Alienation Skins Battle Of The Boards. Sign up to our forums to see just why Dark Revolutions is so highly rated!

Our Current featured site is:

EGFXII Are The Largest Evil Graphics & Skins Board on the Net. They have unique IF Forum with skins that can be found nowhere else on the Net. At only 6 months old and already 27,000+ posts and 834 members, EGFX is a site on the up!

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